Career transition coaching

Career transition coaching

Why career transition coaching?

Career transition coaching is designed to facilitate the inevitable changes you will have to cope with in your career. A career transition coach is specialized in helping you solve the major concerns in your present professional life, for instance:

  • Preparing your new life after retirement
  • Feeling confident to find your first job after studies
  • Managing strong income reduction
  • Handling a job promotion
  • Preparing for cross-cultural differences at work
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Overcoming low self-esteem at work
  • Dealing with stress at work
  • Taking on primary business challenges
  • Starting a new job
  • Regaining self-confidence after a professional failure

These are only some examples that people can experience in their life, although career transition coaching can support you with many other professional challenges.

Career transition coaching is an increasingly popular form of coaching that can help you successfully transition to a new chapter in your career.

If you are looking for new career challenges, new skills, or a new, more satisfying job, coaching can be a useful solution.

In this article, I will answer questions you may have before contacting a coach and outline the benefits career transition coaching can offer you if you are looking to make a career change or a better job transition.

But before I get to the benefits, it is important to define what career transition coaching is.

What is career transition coaching?

Career transition coaching is a customized approach to helping people find fulfilling jobs.

This type of coaching can be very useful for people who are looking for a new professional challenge or who are considering making a career change.

A career transition coach will help you define goals, improve your skills and find a satisfying job.

Why is career transition coaching important?

If you are going through a career transition, you may face moments of doubt and stress.

A career transition coach can help you achieve the clarity you need to overcome these obstacles and rebuild your self-confidence.

Career transition coaching allows you to:

  • identify your values and needs
  • make informed decisions
  • find a job that suits you

Is career transition coaching really effective?

Career transition coaching is a form of guidance that can really help you only if you are ready for taking advantage of your career turbulence to achieve a positive outcome.

If you decide to exploit this major change in your professional life to improve your career possibilities, and you are searching for a way to do that faster and easier, a career transition coach can certainly help you build the new foundations of the professional life you want to reach.

What are the benefits of career transition coaching?

Career transition coaching has many advantages, here are the main ones.

1 – Improved self-confidence

When you are in a career transition, you may be faced with moments of doubt and stress.

Career transition coaching will help you improve your self-confidence and perform at your best during this period of professional change.

Your coach will help you clarify your needs and goals and implement effective strategies to achieve them.

2 – Identifying your innate skills and talents

Your coach will help you understand which human and technical skills are most important for the success of your career plan.

These are the skills that will allow you to move towards a career that is consistent with what makes you excited and that will be meaningful to you.

But the coach will also make you aware of your inner talents, namely what you like to do and what you know how to do better than most people, and what contributes to your well-being.

Knowing all these elements will allow you to make better choices for your professional future.

3 – More effective job applications

A professional coach can help you determine which positions are best suited to your profile and skills by helping you enhance your career path.

For example, your coach can help you identify the positions that are within your reach and help you write a resume and cover letter that will allow you to stand out from other applicants.

More specifically, your coach will help you personalize your resume and cover letter in order to maximize your chances of being called for a job interview.

Your coach will help you to be more effective in job interviews by working on interview practice, your mental preparation, and the trick questions that could get you into trouble.

4 – Preparation for the entrepreneurial adventure

A coach can support you in the process of creating your business.

Starting from your skills, your innate qualities, and your personality, you will understand the type of business that suits you best.

Your coach will also help you to overcome your psychological blocks and to secure your life choices by taking into account the impact and potential opportunities of your career choices.

Then, for the growth of your business, you can take advantage of the skills of a business coach.

5 – Preparing for the return to the workforce

If you are self-employed but now have the desire or the need to be employed again, a career coach can help you to better manage this moment of professional change.

Starting with your entrepreneurial skills, your innate talents, and other competencies, your coach will help you understand how to best leverage these with companies.

Your coach will also help you to readjust to the reduced freedom and flexibility of being an employee.

How does career transition coaching work?

Career transition coaching helps you simplify changes by setting up an action plan and strategy which suits your personal values. In this way, a career transition coach helps you be more productive by concentrating all your skills in the most appropriate direction.

How much will career transition coaching cost me?

We offer you 15 minutes online career transition coaching session in order to clarify your goals and allow you to evaluate the potential of our coaching services. Feel free to write us in order to get your free online career transition coaching session.