Life transition coach

Why a life transition coach?

A life transition coach allows you to better manage the inevitable changes life offers to everybody. A life transition coach specializes in helping people go beyond main concerns in personal life changes, for example:

  • Preparing your new life after retirement
  • Gaining confidence to create a new relationship after a break-up or divorce
  • Being in good shape and confident again after pregnancy
  • Feeling confident to find your first job after studies
  • Being relaxed and confident when preparing to have children
  • Managing a significant riduction to income
  • Managing a mid-life crisis
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • Dealing with work conflicts
  • Starting a new job
  • Changing country
  • Regaining self-confidence after personal or professional failure

These are only some examples which women and men can experience in their life, although a coach can assist you in many other life events.

Is life transition coaching really effective?

A coach cannot do miracles if you are not really ready to change now.

But if you decide to take this major opportunity in your life to become a better person, and you are searching for a life guide, a life transition coach can really help you to create the new foundations of the life you want to achieve.

How does life transition coaching work?

A life transition coach helps you to facilitate your change by creating an action plan and a strategy consistent with your personal values. In this way a coach helps you to be more effective by concentrating all your energies in the right direction.

How much will life transition coaching cost me?

We offer you a 15-minute online life transition coaching session in order to clarify your goals and allow you to evaluate the potential of our coaching services. Feel free to write us in order to get your free online coaching session with a life transition coach.