Motivational coach

Motivational coach

Motivational coach: what is motivational coaching?

Motivational coach: who is it?

A motivational coach is a professional expert in understanding the psychological dynamics of motivation.

The motivational coach is not a motivator but a person who has the skills to help you take back control of your professional or personal life.

Internal or intrinsic motivation is what motivational coaching focuses on.

Every person goes through moments of high motivation and low motivation in their life.

When we fail to achieve an important goal despite all our efforts, demotivation can take over.

We often feel overwhelmed, without resources or energy to try to change things.

We feel stuck because we only focus on the difficulties and do not perceive the strengths that each individual possesses.

Motivational coaching to boost motivation: what does it involve?

In motivational coaching, the coach helps the client to understand and experience these difficult moments differently.

De-motivation often arises from perceptual limitations and social conditioning.

The latter two factors often lead people to give too much importance to any temporary failure.

The motivational coach helps clients focus on:

  • their unlimited potential
  • their long-term results
  • what they can learn from each experience
  • what is up to them

With this new way of thinking and acting, the motivational coach helps clients to use every event to their advantage in order to change their lives for the better.

This path to change is not always easy, but session after session, the coach helps the client explore various aspects of their motivation in order to identify their deepest motivations.

When the person identifies his or her motivations, it is much easier for him or her to do what is necessary to improve his or her life.

During coaching, a person may be blocked by limiting beliefs that reduce their chances of success.

The coach helps the client challenge these beliefs and create new ones that facilitate more productive behaviors.

How is motivational coaching structured?

At the beginning, the client and the coach define the main objective of coaching and its duration.

In general, the duration of the coaching varies between 3 and 6 months, depending on the goals.

At the beginning of each session, the client shares with the coach the main difficulties he/she is facing.

The coach uses active listening and effective questioning to understand what the client is feeling and what is blocking the change process.

Coaching sessions are therefore always different because the coach adapts fully and constantly to the needs of the client.

At the end of a coaching session, the client commits to undertake certain actions related to their goal.

The next session will allow the coach to verify the client’s progress and the room for improvement.

The role of the coach is not to give advice but rather to understand with intelligence and with heart what the client is experiencing.

Empathy, compassion, and professional confidentiality are therefore the foundations of the effectiveness of each motivational coaching session.

How can I benefit from the skills of a coach?

Sessions are available online and, if possible, in person.

To request a first free session and to take advantage of the skills of a motivational coach, write to us using our contact form, call us at +33 6 69 46 03 79 or on WhatsApp at the same number.

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