Inclusion and diversity coach

inclusion and diversity coach

Why work with an inclusion and diversity coach? 

We all interact with a wider diversity of people. Your teammates and colleagues are more likely to have very different backgrounds from you, in terms of race, religion, age, education, and so on. 

It becomes then very easy to display behaviors and communication that will be excluding for some categories of people, whether intentionally, or more likely, not. 

This feeling of exclusion leads to teams and organizations in which people do not want to stay, where productivity and results are not as good as they can be.

Eventually, organizations with leaders who lack inclusivity do worse. 

Your ability to be inclusive is your and your organization’s competitive advantage! 

An inclusion and diversity coach can help you to facilitate the process in your company.

Who can benefit from working with a diversity and inclusion coach? 

  • Leaders who want to build inclusion and psychological safety for their teams 
  • New leaders who plan to give the best start possible to their leadership role 
  • Leaders who need to interact with diverse people 
  • Leaders who aim to gain cultural intelligence and keep in check their biases and assumptions 
  • Leaders who want to build an inclusive culture in their organization 

What are some benefits of working with a diversity and inclusion coach? 

A diversity and inclusion coach helps you become aware of how you see different people. 

We all have biases and prejudices that influence, most of the time unconsciously, how we communicate and behave with people different from us. 

By helping to become aware of these biases and of cultural differences, a diversity and inclusion coach helps you put in place the inclusive behaviors and communication that will allow you to forge better relationships and improve your and your team’s performance. 

Examples of contexts in which you would benefit from a diversity and inclusion coach: 

  • If you are part of a diverse, international team 
  • If you want to put in place inclusive behaviors 
  • If you want to increase your self-awareness around your biases and behaviors 
  • If you want to improve your interactions with diverse people 

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