Mental coach

mental coach

Definition of mental coaching

Mental coaching is a tailor-made support provided by a mental performance coach who helps the athletes in optimizing their potential to achieve high-level sport performance.

Role and work environment of the mental coach

The mental coach specializes in motivational sporting psychology and his role is to align the mind and body of an individual or a group of people for maximum performance optimization.

The mental coach works in partnership with other professionals who work alongside the athlete or group of athletes. His role is to promote session after session the autonomy, mental skills and motivation of the person or teams he supports.

Ultimately, his job is to help athletes take ownership of their own goals by promoting awareness of their strengths and improvements.

The tasks of the mental coach can evolve according to the needs of the clients he supports. In all cases, these new requests must not conflict with the fields of intervention of other professionals such as sports managers, physical trainers, etc.

The mental performance coach acts in a caring manner and guarantees the confidentiality of his actions.

Who is mental performance coaching for?

Mental coaching or mental preparation is a custom-made accompaniment aimed at any individual or team wishing to maximize their performance in the context of a sporting event.

The mental coach supports both high performance athletes who need to prepare for a sports competition with the objective of winning as well as any other person wishing to perform at their best at some point in their life.

What is the process of mental coaching?

The duration of mental coaching depends on the nature of the objectives and the current situation of the athlete. In general, we can say that the duration of mental sports support varies between a few months and a year. The work is distributed over a number of sessions which allow to:

  • establish a collaborative relationship with the athlete and his working environment
  • promote awareness to eliminate blockages and take action
  • resolve potential conflicts
  • help the athlete to take ownership of his goal and to know himself better

What will show the effectiveness of mental coaching is the behavioral change of the individual and the limits that he or she becomes capable of overcoming.

The contribution of the mental coach is not limited to the work carried out during the coaching sessions. His job also consists of creating or adapting tools appropriate to the person he supports.

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