Life coaching packages

Life coaching packages

Why life coaching packages?

Life coaching packages are global solutions specifically designed to simplify your search for online coaching. So life coaching packages allow you to save money and quickly find the coaching support you need to overcome specific problems and achieve your major professional or personal goals.

Are life coaching packages really effective?

Our packages are perfectly tailored to solve your issues in many different life situations. Here are some examples of packages tailored to solve your problems, for instance:

  • Finding balance between your personal and professional life
  • Being in great shape again
  • Overcoming low self esteem
  • Feeling more confident at work
  • Improving your present love relationship
  • Feeling relaxed at dating
  • Overcoming your limiting beliefs
  • Earning more money with your current job
  • Generating more leads with your business online and everywhere
  • Preparing yourself for a job interview

After choosing your specific packages you will benefit from a customized coaching methodology that allows you to get better professional or personal results.

How do life coaching packages work?

Life coaching packages have been created to suit to the various life needs you may encounter.

You can choose between many coaching packages that last from a month to a year. Please note that all our prices are in US dollars.

How much will life coaching packages cost me?

We offer you 15 minutes online life coaching in order to clarify your goals and allow you to evaluate the potential of our life coaching services. Feel free to write us in order to get your free online coaching session before ordering one of our life coaching packages.