Middle management

Middle management

Typically, middle management is between Director-type level and field-type employee level. The Directors set the global targets & strategy, middle management builds-up tactics and field executes, although this is quite general.

Middle management specifics

  • Understand and organize Director-designed strategy
  • Understand the team’s needs
  • Manager conflicts
  • Be a buffer & relay between Directors and the team.

Qualities required to succeed as a middle manager

  • Active listening
  • Self-confidence & leadership
  • Be solid & firm without dictatorship
  • Set clear limits, “above & under”

Consequences of not helping middle management

When a field-type employee rises up to middle management, he/she need helps to make the necessary inner changes for the new role otherwise the risks of stress, burnout, painful relationships are high with damaging consequences on quality of working life & performance.

How best prepare to ensure success?

Tailored coaching is the way to go and this has to be done by an outsider, independent from the company.

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