Communication and public speaking coach

Communication and public speaking coach

A Communication and Public Speaking Coach will help you to become aware of how you communicate in order to use it at best to achieve your goals.

Coaching in communication aims at guiding you to understand, improve and control your interactions with your environment, whether professional or personal.

The result of a communication is the answer it gets. A coach in communication and public speaking will allow you to become aware of all aspects, verbal and non-verbal of your communication to increase its efficiency and reach the results you want.

A coach in public speaking will help you understand and overcome the blocks preventing you presenting at your best.

Who can benefit from communication and public speaking coaching?

Whether you are a manager, executive or business owner, a coach in communication will accompany you towards mastering your communication to improve your and your organisation success.

If you are an executive, your communication must reflect you and your organisation values. The way you communicate needs to become part of your identity and the identity of your organisation.

A coach in communication will help you to learn for yourself to communicate the values of your organisation while staying yourself. In other words, to deliver a congruent message to all your stakeholders.

If you are a manager, you will need to optimise your communication in order for your competencies and results to be valued and to progress in your career.

If you are a business owner, you know your success depends on the messages you deliver to your prospective clients, suppliers and collaborators.

If you feel you are not communicating efficiently, a coach in communicate will help you improve, potentially leading to a more positive view of your business by clients and collaborators and higher profits.

Why working with a coach in communication and public speaking?

Few people are aware of the messages they communicate. However, communicating efficiently is essential to your success.

Understanding how you communicate will allow you not only to feel more at ease when communicating but also to improve your efficiency and relationships with others.

The difference between success and stagnation is your ability to put your messages across efficiently, and a lot less your knowledge and skills.

How to get in touch?

Before beginning a coaching programme, you request will be assessed and you will be offered a free first session via video call to discuss your needs.

We will design with you a personal coaching journey, best adapted to you. Please get in touch by filling our contact form.