Find coaching clients by taking advantage of related searches

How to find coaching clients by taking advantage of related searches

In this article, I will explain you how to find coaching clients by taking advantage of related searches on Google to improve the ranking of your website on strategic keywords for your coaching business.

In order to make this article more interesting and useful, I will show you a concrete case that allowed me to position myself in position zero, that is to say to gain the position before the first search result on a very specific keyword in the French market.

As you can see, Google has given my article the snippet and this shows the fact that what I wrote is considered the most relevant result.

What are Google’s related searches?

When you search for a keyword, Google shows you both organic and paid results.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you will find related searches, which are searches that Google considers relevant because they are related to your original search.

These keywords are sometimes very interesting because they are often much less competitive than your initial keyword.

Why is gaining the zero position so important for your coaching business?

Simply because your potential clients who search on the internet almost never go beyond the first search page and very often limit their search to the first three results.

This means that earning the zero position allows you to maximize your chances of getting coaching clients.

What keywords should You focus on?

Ideally, try to focus on keywords that are consistent with your market niche and are less competitive.

If you have not yet chosen your market niche as a coach, I advise you to read the article how to find clients as a coach, develop your business and prosper in which I show several tips for choosing your coaching niche.

How to take your marketing to the next level?

If you’d like to learn how to take advantage of Google’s related searches to grow your business and learn all the strategies that helped me grow my coaching practice, I invite you to discover my marketing tips for coaches who want to become independent in marketing.

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