Niksen: The art of doing nothing for optimum well-being

What is Niksen? Niksen is a philosophy of life originating in the Netherlands, centered on the importance of inaction. Not to be confused with procrastination, which is often associated with the guilt of putting off tasks, niksen is the deliberate act of giving ourselves a well-deserved break from our often overloaded days. In Dutch culture, … Read more

How to stop absorbing other people’s emotions: a guide for empaths and hypersensitives

Empaths and hypersensitives possess an innate ability to feel and understand the emotions of others. While this quality is invaluable, it can sometimes lead to emotional exhaustion and affect mental health. In this article, we provide an in-depth guide on how to stop absorbing other people’s emotions. With practical advice and real-life examples, we aim … Read more

Time management in project management: the definitive guide for project managers

In today’s fast-paced business world, time management has become an invaluable resource, sometimes even more precious than gold. For a project manager, mastering time management is like possessing a magic formula. It’s this mastery that turns every second into an opportunity, every minute into progress, and every hour into a triumph. Time management in project … Read more

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Navigating the Waters: Tackling New Job Anxiety

Starting a new job is akin to embarking on a new adventure. The thrill of a fresh start, the excitement of new challenges, and the promise of growth are all exhilarating. However, with these positive emotions often comes a shadow of doubt and unease. For many, the sensation of stepping into unfamiliar territory brings with … Read more

Managing stress during oral presentations: Scientifically proven strategies and practical advice

In today’s society, the ability to effectively communicate orally is essential, whether for a classroom presentation, a public speech, or an intervention in a meeting. However, for many, speaking in front of an audience can be a significant source of stress. Sweaty hands, trembling voice, racing heart… Do these symptoms sound familiar? If so, you’re … Read more

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Assertiveness coaching: all you need to know!

In an ever-changing world where communication is paramount, knowing how to assert yourself while respecting others has become an invaluable skill. Whether in the professional or private sphere, assertiveness plays a central role. That’s why more and more people are choosing assertiveness coaching. But what is assertiveness, and why is it so important? Let’s find … Read more